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About Us

How We Started: 
In August 2008, Nike and a nonprofit called YouthNoise combined forces to create a sport for good movement in Los Angeles called Play City.  Youth Noise recruited young leaders across LA to brainstorm effective ways to link athletics with social change in our communities and Just Like You (JLU) was born. 
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Why We Do It: 
Just Like You promotes international awareness among youth through sport, laying the foundation for the informed worldview necessary to be successful global citizens. We are part of a generation that sees youths' exposure to the global community as indispensable to not only to their ability to compete in the future global marketplace, but also to incease cultural understanding and promote peace.

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How It Works:

Every four weeks, elementary school students will learn about a different country or region from around the world. The students will spend the first thirty minutes of each session learning about the history, geography, culture and language of the country being studied.  They will then spend the last hour playing games that kids their own age play in that country. Whether it is "Chasing the Dragon's Tail" from China or "Kho Kho" from Botswana, playing these international games will help the students connect more intimately with the international community, seeing that kids from all over the world play games Just Like You.  

Pen Pal Program: Students will also have the opportunity to have a pen pal from one of the countries they study.  Just Like You will partner with schools to create a Pen Pal program, allowing students to receive personalized mail from all over the world.  

Beginning of year event: Every fall, Just Like You would like to have an event that sparks student interest in the idea of internationalism. For the first year, we would like to paint a giant map of the world, either as a mural on the school we are working at or on the ground.

End of the yead Event: Just Like You will host a culminating event in the Spring to showcase the games and facts students at the different schools have learned. Students will explain select games to family and friends, and then play against other schools in the program. The event will feature international music and food and will be open to the public.

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We are currently recruiting volunteers to help us identify international games we can add to our curriculum. We will also need young, active, enthusiastic volunteers who share in our vision to participate in teaching Just Like You's afterschool program on a weekly basis at member schools in Los Angeles.

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  1. Create global awareness in kids through an international sports and games exchange.
  2. Teach about culture and its pertaining geography, history, and current events in an engaging and active way.
  3. Create an atmosphere of global empathy and understanding of cultural similarities and differences.
  4. Get kids to have fun while engaging in physical activity!



Click here to view our 501(c)3 Articles of Incorporation & Tax Exemption Status. 

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