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JUST LIKE YOU founders featured on Grassroots.org FACES OF CHANGE series

JUST LIKE YOU founders featured on Grassroots.org FACES OF CHANGE series
Jerry Darko - Thu Apr 29, 2010 @ 12:21PM
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Grassroots.org provides a series called "Faces of Change" profiling individuals within the non-profit community, asking the very important question: How do you create change?

Grassroots.org picked JLU co-founders Marie Herwig and Jerry Darko to profile this week.

See the whole article here!

Other non-profit leaders profiled include:
-- Jordyn Wells of Dosomething.org
-- Mike Watson of the Institute of Cultural Affairs
-- Jill Gurr of Create Now ... and others!

We are honored to be profiles alongside such great organizations making an impact in their communities.

We love Grassroots.org and recommend their wide range of services to all non-profits. Check them out!

Comments: 6


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