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JUST LIKE YOU launches USC Chapter

JUST LIKE YOU launches USC Chapter
Jerry Darko - Sat Sep 11, 2010 @ 06:53AM
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Due to the strong interest from USC students to participate in our program, we have decided to launch a USC chapter for JUST LIKE YOU.

We hope to have a stronger presence on campus this Fall and we are going to be working with a larger number of partner schools in the USC area. Having a student organization will give our volunteers and interns an easy way to coordinate JLU efforts in the area.

Us at the USC School of Policy, Planning, and Development Public/Non-Profit Career Fair. We were a big hit! Looking forward to the semester!

A Big Thank You to Prof. Guillbert C. Hentschke (Cooper Chair of Educational Governance in the Rossier School of Education) for being our official USC advisor.

Fight On!

Comments: 9


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